Where to Get a WordPress Theme Fitting Your Personality

WordPress is a great blogging platform to use for building a website. When you first install wordpress, you get a basic default wordpress theme that is simple and plain. Some people customize the default theme with a custom header graphic, but that might not be enough for your personality.

One advantage of using wordpress is the large number of theme designers that create wonderful and unique themes. You can choose from free wordpress themes online. There are lots of people with wordpress sites that want a good looking cheap or free theme.

Where do you find wordpress themes online? Start with the wordpress dot org website. New wordpress themes are released all the time. You could search for themes from inside of your wordpress installation. There is an option for theme searches on the appearance tab in the dashboard.

Custom wordpress themes can take your site to another level. Instead of choosing from the standard wordpress themes that are commonly available, you could get a theme that is unique and incorporates your tastes in color, layout, and style. The choice is ultimately yours. Get online and do searches until you find the theme that best fits your personality and style.

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